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The Customer Experience

One platform, over 50 applications - for a seamless customer experience.

A complete ecosystem of solutions that span both B2B and B2C channels in a single cloud platform.

Create incredible customer experiences that increases revenue, loyalty and sets you apart from your competitors.


Ecosystem provides customers with an extensive library of out-the-box web applications that are switched on or off or customised, highly configurable and easily managed using the back-office. 

A smarter way to build customer solutions.


From landing pages to online stores and trade reward programs, build solutions in lightning speed using the multi-purpose visual editor.

Drag, Drop & Create.


A multi-purpose visual editor to create web content and applications without the need for developers.

Stock templates

Benefit from an range of pre-existing application templates ready to go.

Customize it your way

Change the layout of components, colours and more.

Component library.

Choose from an extensive library of web & application components to build your solution.


Each component comes with a range of highly configurable options.

No coding required

Never touch a line of HTML or CSS when building your solution.


Create versions of your websites & applications with a click of a button.

Platform has full service
marketing capability.

Website management.

A powerful set of tools to manage your websites and solutions.

  • Domain name management

  • Version entire websites with a click of a button

  • Add an SSL certificate to your website in minutes for secure browsing

  • Setup both SPF and DKIM records to increase email delivery rates

  • Switch on and configure applications for your website


And more...

Responsive Templates & Themes.

Built into the platform is Bootstrap, the world's most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

Every website you create in your account will respond to any device from a mobile phone to a desktop computer. Benefit from interchangeable themes that instantly update your websites look and feel with a click of a button.

Customise & Extend.

The platform offers unprecedented customisation of components, workflows and themes to build any type of solution big or small.

Go beyond the out-of-the-box capability we can develop HTML and JavaScript customisation and extend the platform to create a solution that meets your exact requirements.

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