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Helping brands with strategy, implementation, creative ideas, content across channels, media, customer touch points and overall customer experience to improve performance and competitiveness. ​ 


Creating more effective cut through and engagement that allows your brand to evolve and maintain a competitive edge. Delivering smarter strategies and implementation from store to personal device to continue the brand conversation and customer dialog.



Business, Brand, Engagement, Process, Marketing & Operational Strategy/Audit/Review Consultancy Services.

Project management, strategy, plan, marketing audit development and consulting for short and long term projects or marketing contracting engagements.



Digital transformation, MARTECH, Automation.

The dawn of AEDM (audience engagement and data management) From in store, in centre, on location, to online or personal device, content and more.

World leading innovative PaaS, eFusion platform and digital marketing solution for any aspect or combination of CMS, CRM, Events, ecommerce, LMS, training, elearning, data segmentation and profiling, rewards, incentives to name a few.
If you need to engage with any audience more effectively and seamlessly than ever before from customers, clients, staff, resellers, retail staff to channel partners and more - or multiple different audiences to drive your success then you need eFusion ONE view.
All in one, omni view dashboard and capabilities designed from the ground up based around clients best practice requirements for better marketing autiomation and competitive advantage, ahead of the market.
The most FLEXIBLE, SCALABLE all in ONE dashboard - find out why, TODAY "no obligation" - save time, increase productivity do more, engage better, integrate all.


Get in touch.


Customer Experience Strategy & Implementation.


CX - customer experience should be at the top of your "to do list" - nurturing customers for acquisition, loyalty, retention, upgrade, cross sell or just trying to manage the ever increasing complexity of many touch points.

Embedded customer journeys are crucial to your marketing and sales activity ROI. Embedded customer journeys that are not constantly and dynamically evolved could also be your worst enemy.


CX customer experience founded on a “set and forget” philosophy can do you more harm than good, flawed CX journeys can be fatal.
In the fickle, dynamic, ever changing, constantly fracturing digital engagement world we all eagerly embrace everyday – relevance, context and convenience is everything.
Nurture journey’s that take into account intelligent use of data and insights, life stage, and position in the purchase decision making and shortlisting process far out perform.



Cross Channel Integration & Social.

Connecting in a transmedia, always on, always with you world

Cross Channel Integration.

Link​ing traditional and new channels, touchpoints and media to create better customer engagement - enabling continued dialog and interaction with customers for improved brand marketing.

How Why When & What.
Multi channel content, development, creation, planning, strategy and management.



UK health data - A UK first initiative.

The unique CustomerFusion & Beyond Analysis partnership provides an umatched initiative with single source Health Data, delivering the opportunity to access to previously unavailable insights, learnings and trend across full patient journeys across the entire UK.

Real patient and health insights to drive marketing & sales efficacy like never before.

First time ever anonymised GDPR compliant Full NHS patient journeys data available in one single data source for the UK going back up to 9 years currently over 1.5 billion rows and 250+ tables of data and updated continuously.

The most valuable data.

Giving businesses working in the pharma and health space the ability for the 1st time to understand full patient journeys across age ranges, gender, disease, severity, treatment, medication, product(s) & location all in one place that is both dynamic and easy to use. 


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