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Integrated Technology


A fully integrated and automated WORKFLOW, MARTECH and DATA solution with a flexible, scalable all-in-one dashboard. Linking traditional and new, channels and media for better customer engagement. 

One platform, One view, One seamless customer experience.

Every Customerfusion APP comes with intuitive console screens to manage every aspect of the application workflow.


Creating and managing each customer touch-point in a single platform will give you unprecedented visibility of every customer interaction across your organisation.


Track how customers engage across each touch point, learn from their behaviour  and drive further engagement.


Centalised business rules engine to push campaigns across any channel or customer journey.  

01. What is AEDM?

A fully integrated and automated B2B and B2C, WORKFLOW, MARTECH and DATA solution with the most flexible, scalable all-in-one dashboard. Linking traditional and new media for better customer engagement. A creative and technical fusion of over 50 applications to facilitate the seamless execution of marketing campaigns.

One platform, One view, One seamless customer experience.

02. How does it work?

A fully resourced back-office eco-system of end to end workflow, engagement and data applications and growing every month to leverage powerful back-office features and automation.


An industry leading core suite (toolbox of modules and applications) – allows you to manage all your requirements from:

Data, CMS, CRM, CEM, ECOM, LMS, CPD, Lead management, Rewards, Responsive, Social, Blogs/Forums, Events, Auctions, Vouchers, SMS, Auto Versioning and Archiving, Hosting, Reporting/Tracking, Analytics. With full custom implementation capability.


We can even develop specific modules/applications tailored for your needs in a time frame and budget previously unavailable.


Combined with the ability to start with any particular requirement today and extend as required over time.

03. How it can help your business

One OMNI dashboard with all the applications you need in one view to manage, control your complete requirements large or small including data for any Audience you need to engage more effectively with:

  • B2C – Customers, Leads, Acquisition, Retention, Loyalty, Lifetime, POS.

  • B2B - Staff, franchisees, resellers, distributors, partners, training etc.


The potential to have unlimited users with unlimited permission based access to One dynamic “real time” ever evolving - source of truth, data, information and intelligence about campaigns, activities, markets, regions in one dashboard view - for everything you do. Unmatched flexibility, customisation, capability, scalability, cost and speed to implement - Like never before.


Create dynamic digital platform to allow the target audience to view and engage with the content and various assets produced for the campaign and “live” the short film experience as VIP’s. 



Bring to life with true multi media digital viewing  capability across all devices and platforms all assets from the unique campaign.



Developed a full “content based” campaign landing page solution to allow viewers to the full multi media experience in digital channels.

A segmented automated and personalised CRM engagement journey created by type and profile.

Capture and track all interactions and engagement for accurate measurement of traffic source and further ongoing intelligent CRM.


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