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The Customer Journey

Design the complete customer journey and manage it from an omni-dashboard.

Omni-channeled customer experiences designed to delight your customers at every touchpoint.

Every Customerfusion APP comes with intuitive console screens to manage every aspect of the application workflow.


Creating and managing each customer touch-point in a single platform will give you unprecedented visibility of every customer interaction across your organisation.

Track how customers engage across each touch point, learn from their behaviour 
and drive further engagement. Centralised business rules engine to push campaigns across any channel or customer journey.  

Drag, Drop & Connect

Easily drag, drop and connect nodes on a canvas to map out any type of customer journey.

  • Nurture customers to acquisition

  • Drive shoppers online to purchase

  • Reward customers along their journey

  • Give customers a voice through feedback

  • Design warranty claim journeys

  • Create journeys to nurture learners

  • And more...

Cross Channel Experiences


The end to end customer journey can be broken down into smaller journeys, each seamlessly connected bridging channels and creating seamless experiences across your organisation.

Customer experiences that drive growth from one platform.

Make it Personalised and Relevant

Design highly dynamic and personalized journeys for your customers using data driven decision nodes to increase engagement and conversion.

Application Management

Each application has its own set of configurable nodes to manage how it interacts in the customer journey. Just some of these nodes include:

  • Sending an email

  • Award loyalty points

  • Creating a sales task

  • Setting a shopping cart goal

  • Updating a sales funnel stage

Custom Applications

Any custom application you build in your account can have its own set of nodes allowing you to control how it interacts in the customer journey.

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