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CustomerFusion adds global best practice and most advanced session replay application to ecosystem.

Session replay is the reproduction of a specific user’s interactions on a website or web application exactly or as close as possible to how the user actually experienced it. Session replay tools capture things like mouse movements, clicks, typing, scrolling, swiping, tapping, etc.

Watching a session replay is like watching a video reproduction of what a user did on a web site or app.

Reproduce and solve bugs faster, conversion rate optimization (CRO), support customers faster through context, and understand the user experience (UX) One of the compelling aspects of session replay is that it captures all the nuance experienced by users—nuances of your web site or web app and nuances in user devices, browsers, window sizes, etc. It works across devices including mobile.

Session replay is a goldmine of information about the online experience. The massive amount of information captured by a session replay tool, easily serves up invaluable insights—things that you never could have done with a traditional web analytics platform.

So that you can easily and continually update, evolve, improve and fix any potential issues quickly and like never before optimise your customer experience online on any device for every type of customer.

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