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"All in One" - New Initiative for health & fitness

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Demonstrates taking advantage of our latest generation engagement and delivery solution...

During this time of increased focus on health, wellbeing and fitness our team have worked hard to launch new fitness initiatives with leading partners such as Global Health and Wellness and leading influencers using our unique and leading edge CEM Platform. Taking advantage of being able to leverage the inbuilt eco system of apps to manage CMS, ECRM, Ecommerce, LMS, high demand video streaming, and a range of custom produced apps specifically developed to handle highly customised implementation requirements in record time to bring to market and constantly update, evolve on a daily basis a range of heavily content driven subscription based programs designed for both limited or no access (at home requirements) to gyms, allowing users to maintain, start or improve their health and fitness at this vital time.


12 x weeks CRUSH IT program

CRUSH IT advanced expert program

CrusHIIT lifetime (high intensity interval training)

Check them out at:

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