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Do you take UX for granted…

Ask yourself how often in this now digital world do you really take UX seriously and constantly evolve and stay up to date?

Yet if we go back to Marketing 101 – Yeah, I guess many may say the old days. It hasn’t changed “being customer/audience centric” and “taking a walk in your customers shoes” have in fact become more valuable and imperative than ever.

Some simple facts: The experience your customer/audience has, trying to engage with your brand or business is more important than ever. Blame digital if you like but that just accelerates how quickly it keeps evolving and changing.

Customers/audiences are more than ever wanting to get to want they want, find what need, when they need, faster and more relevantly than ever – and they are less forgiving than ever.

Good and smart evolving UX is smart business and essential to competitiveness and therefore success. It's based on insights and audience behaviour, and every other factor that keeps affecting how that constantly changes and evolves – think new devices, think emerging trends, think competitors, think preferred content mediums, think information overload and increasing time poor, think pandemic – it's a never ending and evolving list.

They all add up. Not paying attention to smart, evolving UX = likely decreased success and relevance to your audience – to be honest it’s just common sense.

UX and UX strategy does not have to be expensive or not appropriate regardless of the size of your brand or business.

Regardless of if you are focused on conversion, acquisition, retention or long-term loyalty/LTV to name a few – UX review and evolution on a regular, timely basis is SMART business.

Recently we saw a global brand in a major category improve acquisition by over 33%+ with simple review, evolution and fine tuning of UX overnight and have now sustained that for more than 6 months.

Action points:

  1. Plan regular in most cases quarterly review and audits (depending on industry and audience)

  2. Powered by insights and dynamic customer/audience journey mapping

  3. Garner insights by direct audience comparison to competitor or their perception of your competitors

  4. Implement at speed and constantly review, update and evolve

You actually end up with better overall ROI so it's a Win Win both ways for the brand/business and their happier customers/audience!

NEED some help or advice have a chat with the CUSTOMERFUSION UX expert team – we have the tools, experience across virtually every industry and across the globe.

To get your UX on – for any brand or business size.

Arrange an obligation free chat anytime:

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