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Message to all our valued clients, partners, staff and associates around the world

To all our valued clients, partners, staff and associates we send our best wishes.

We extend a huge heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all our essentials workers and especially our tireless healthcare workers who are no doubt experiencing the most difficult period in their careers, you are all champions and deserve a huge debt of gratitude and congratulations.

We want to assure all clients our Group is operational and providing full support during this time. We are used to working from home as many of our team, work across both home and office regularly and across the global time zones as part of our normal operations. We are here and available.

Personally, I want to thank everyone, many of our team have been doing extensive extra hours and putting in extra effort across the global to continue to deliver and support our clients.

I am also very pleased that we are working extensively with some clients to bring on additional opportunities for people to maintain their health, fitness and wellbeing during this time of global isolation and being predominately unable to undertake their normal activities and routines.

Maintaining health, fitness and wellbeing is of course more crucial and relevant than ever. We will be launching new initiatives with our partner clients over the next few days and weeks.

We are here to help and support businesses who may want to take this opportunity to be ready and in better shape than ever to make the most of the recovery when it comes, those businesses who are best prepared will be able to make the most of the opportunity and rebuild and get back on top. We wish everyone the best.

We are here and working hard if you need to contact us.

Remember to take sometime to show the best of human kind, let’s face it, we have seen enough negativity over the last few years – lets lead by example and show compassion, support, caring, kindness and understanding it’s amazing how powerful the human condition can be when its positive and focused on leading the way and overcoming the worst.

We send our best wishes to all. Be the best human’s we can and lead the way. Make the world a better place as it emerges eventually from this terrible experience.


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