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Marketing Orchestration ... Conversations are all powerful!

As communication technologies continue there relentless march and all pervasive, always connected, always on, entrenchment in our lives. We have seen conversations in the marketing context become one of the most powerful tools for brand share or presence. Albeit, we are still learning and constantly evolving how to utilize these tools effectively with many mistakes or learning’s along the way.

Because of interactivity and the ability to easily seek out other’s opinions and experiences the communication these days is rarely one-way. Regardless of where communication is initiated whether it be an ad, a post, a search result or some other media or word of mouth. Consumers if their interest is peeked can seek out information much more easily than ever before. As marketers it’s how we handle and enable those conversations, interactions and dialog to continue that surely makes the difference to brand choice, preference, purchase intent or shortlisting?

We suggest marketing needs to spend more time than ever thinking about consumer behaviour, the communication pathways and touch points and constantly fine-tuning and tweaking these to stay ahead of the pack. It all comes back to how and where your brand story is told and can be discovered and how all of those tentacles interlink and create consumer interest and engagement.

Today’s marketers and partners need to be more than ever constantly updating, fine tuning and enhancing brand messages. The days of the set and forget brand campaign are long over and wasteful. Today we are a combination of behaviourist, creative communicator, technologist and mechanic.

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