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Integrated analytics and automation to deliver next gen personalised content journeys

In recent studies despite marketers citing in the high 70+% their intention to increase investment in content, only 29% cited personalisation as a priority. Which is baffling when university studies show that the most engaging content is the content that is personalised to the reader and out perform 40+%.

Personalisation is not just Name{first}?

Value comes in uniquely tailoring the content for each potential customer’s journey.

Understanding where each person is in their journey of interest, engagement and purchase intent (pathway) means you can provide content to meet their exact needs.

Integrated Analytics and Automation to inform and deliver

There are affordable, flexible, scalable tools for all levels of business and budget that help you identify multiple target audiences and to deliver specific and compelling, content to each segment.

Unfocused marketing tactics are a bit like anyone under 30 thinking about not growing up with a smartphone - "ridiculous?"

Multiple analytics help understand customer behaviours, insights revealed by this data, along with customer journey mapping, defines target segments, and automation tools such as customerfusion efusion can deliver unique content to literally thousands or more unique segments at a time.

This is hugely powerful for marketers and can have an enormous effect on ROI.

Research demonstrates that 70+% “prefer promotion and advertising that are tailored to their personalised interests”, and they are twice as likely to click on ads from an unknown brand if it is personalised.

The challenge is getting personalised content to market faster and continuing to evolve learn and apply.

With more than +78% of consumers expecting brands to provide them with custom experiences.

This should be a marketing “mission critical” - to sum it up - relevant, context and timely will win the marketing battle more than ever.

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