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“How can you step up?

With Forrester’s 2018 Predictions, that next year expect further disruption and an even faster pace of change driven by customer needs and rapid advances in technology. Intensifying pressure on all executive management and especially the c suite to prove their gumption as catalysts for change or suffer the obvious results of complacency.

“How can you step up? Fight complacency and broaden the scope of your remit to match the demands of empowered customers,” asks Forrester.

By the end of next year, Forrester expects nearly half of CMOs globally – and an even higher percentage in Australia – to go further in leading their firms’ customer experience efforts.

This means CMOs need to rethink the way brand and CX teams collaborate.

“CMOs all executive management need to start to further break down the silos between brand and CX teams to ensure customer experiences align with brand promises,”

New thinking, outside of the square, not the same old big, slow, costly, limited solution will suffice to evolve at the speed and with the foundation that can futureproof your business.

Open your mind and don’t just provide hot air to talk about innovation – really embrace living it or your customers will move on to someone who does – why do disruptor models exist?

Think about that question deeply – the answer is shockingly simple.

2018 should be the year of BAN THE SILO and OPEN YOUR MIND.

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